Katy Kirby Shines in Sophomore Album 'Blue Raspberry'

Published February 9, 2024

American indie-folk singer-songwriter Katy Kirby has captured the hearts of fans with her unique ability to hone in on the subtleties of human interaction. Her sophomore album, ‘Blue Raspberry,’ offers a richer, more expansive sound that delves into the intimate journey of Kirby's first queer relationship, setting her apart from contemporaries like Andy Shauf and Adrianne Lenker, who explore social surroundings and cosmic musings, respectively.

A New Chapter in Songcraft

While Kirby’s debut album ‘Cool Dry Place’ laid the groundwork for her tender observations within narratives, ‘Blue Raspberry’ elevates her storytelling. Through a partnership with producers Alberto Sewald and Logan Chung, who return after their collaboration on her debut, Kirby stretches her musical tapestry with bold love songs that provide a grand stage for her intricate lyricism.

Subverting Expectations

The album kicks off with ‘Redemption Arc,’ a piano-driven piece that marks a departure from Kirby’s usual guitar-centric approach. Her songwriting prowess is showcased here, emphasizing reconciliation and the bittersweet cycle of love and hurt.

A Prism of Human Emotion

Kirby reflects on authenticity versus performance in relationships through recurring motifs like cubic zirconia. In ‘Cubic Zirconia’ and similarly themed tracks, she grapples with the question of whether there is merit in relational artifice.

Lush Narratives and Sonic Growth

Kirby's sonic landscape grows even richer in tracks like ‘Alexandria,’ which swells with brushed drums and cello to set up a climactic, distorted guitar rendition. It’s one of many moments on the album where Kirby skillfully pairs emotional depth with musical complexity.

From Sketch to Masterpiece

Songs like ‘Fences,’ ‘Wait Listen,’ and ‘Table’ have evolved over years, now brought to life with Kirby’s vivid imagery and ability to bring emotional texture to the forefront. The album’s closing track, ‘Table,’ erupts with fervent energy, perfectly encapsulating Kirby's journey from a simple sketch to a fully realized piece of art.

Heartfelt Intimacies

The title track ‘Blue Raspberry’ acts as a confessional where Kirby divulges her deeply romantic sentiments, heightened by her keen observation and description of simple, yet revealing, actions like a lover playing with a straw.

indie-folk, queer, love