Indie-Folk Evening with Micki Balder at BOCO Cider

Published December 29, 2023

For those looking to enjoy an intimate music experience, Micki Balder is set to deliver a heartfelt performance at BOCO Cider this evening. The event, slated to run from 6 to 8 p.m., is located at BOCO Cider, 1501 Lee Hill Drive Unit 14, in Boulder. Balder, who is celebrated for her soul-baring indie-folk tunes, will serenade the audience with her guitar and emotive vocals. Her music resonates with themes of human connection, the search for a place to belong, and the nuanced tapestry of relationships.

Balder's debut album, 'this is how it goes,' was released in September and has since captivated listeners with its authentic storytelling and melodic charm. This event promises a space where attendees can reflect on their own life stories, mirrored in the lyrics and melodies of Balder's songs. Despite the performance being free of charge, potential attendees are encouraged to secure their reservations or inquire about seating by contacting 720-938-7285 or visiting bococider.com/live-music-and-more.

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