2 Rivers Remix Hosts Indoor Movable Feast in Penticton

Published March 25, 2024

The 2 Rivers Remix collective organized an engaging indoor version of their Movable Feast cultural event in Penticton. Previously, the first iteration was launched in Chilliwack, a mere few months after the devastating wildfire in Lytton. These events, according to co-founder Meeka Morgan, are vital in unifying communities and Indigenous nations.

Indoor Celebration at Cleland Theatre

This week's event, at Cleland Theatre from 6-10 p.m., offers attendees a range of impressive performances. Morgan highlights it as particularly special because it is the only indoor rendition of their series of events.

Prefacing the Movable Feast: The Confluence

Prior to Thursday's main event, The Confluence takes place, having started on Sunday and continuing through Tuesday. This component includes a variety of activities such as presentations and panels on topics like music, mycelium, and elder teachings. Parts of the event can be live-streamed for broad accessibility.

Free and Focused on Cultural Depth

The events offer free entry and promise to bring participants rich cultural experiences through workshops, dance, and thoughtful discussions. They encapsulate the essence of community and shared human experiences while promoting the understanding of Indigenous narratives.

Thursday's Stellar Performances

The Thursday event, featuring Juno Award winner Leela Gilday as headliner, will provide audience-goers a taste of vibrant Indigenous music talent. In addition, attendees will enjoy Ts’msyen musician Saltwater Hank and the Mexika Aztec dancers, amongst others. Morgan's Melawmen Collective will also take the stage, adding to the night's diverse performances.

Anticipation for The Confluence's Talent

At The Confluence, the audience can expect captivating performances from artists like Ronnie Dean Harris and the sibling duo Sechile Sedare, who are engaging in language revitalization through music. Morgan is set to present her thesis on the effects of displacement on families.

Leading Up to the Main Event in July

This week's Movable Feast and The Confluence serve as precursors to the main event scheduled from July 5-7 in Kamloops. The main Remix event will feature a range of Indigenous talents in music, dance, and art, with workshops for all ages. It's a free, family-oriented event welcoming anyone interested in celebrating Indigenous culture and artistic expression.

For more details and future updates on the Movable Feast and The Confluence, interested individuals are encouraged to check the 2 Rivers Remix official website.

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