Rugilė Jakštaitė: A Journey of Music and Design

Published March 25, 2024

A Lifelong Love for Kanklės

Rugilė Jakštaitė, a decorated musician who is part of the Panevėžys ensemble "Ašarėlė," never doubted music would be part of her life after school. Having won numerous music contests, Rugilė's exceptional talent with the kanklės, a traditional Lithuanian instrument, is undoubted. But her life's script took a creative turn.

Unexpected Paths

Although Rugilė is currently studying interior design at the Vilnius College of Design, her passion for music remains intact. She continues to enchant with her kanklės and guitar performances, delighting audiences whether in solos or group sessions.

During her time in music school, Rugilė was certain about pursuing a career in music. However, when it came time to choose her college major, she surprised herself and others by opting for interior design. She believes that her early penchant for arranging her dolls' living spaces hinted at this innate passion, perhaps predestined by fate.

Independence through Change

Relocating to Vilnius for her studies initially left Rugilė feeling out of place, but as she settled into her new life, the city began to feel like a second home.

Embracing her student life, Rugilė found valuable lessons in self-reliance, establishing her independence away from the comfort of family support.

Rediscovering Music

Rugilė's connection to music runs deep, rooted in her family's musical heritage which dates back to her great-grandfather. Despite specializing in interior design, music still plays an integral role in her life.

Interestingly, Rugilė initially aspired to play the piano, but circumstances led her to the kanklės, an instrument she now holds dearly, thanks to her inspiring teacher, Rimas Mureikienė.

The Enchantment of Kanklės

Rugilė admits that the tranquility she finds in the strings of her kanklės is unparalleled.

Though her current schedule limits how often she can play, Rugilė and her ensemble make it a point to perform whenever they can, especially in their hometown of Panevėžys.

Embracing Heritage

Rugilė's musical journey has made her recognize her deep-seated patriotism. She takes pride in sharing the heritage of the kanklės, which she regards as a national treasure, through her music.

Her repertoire includes traditional Lithuanian folk songs, which she believes is vital to preserve and celebrate.

Surrounded by Music

For Rugilė, music is omnipresent. From the melodies she encounters in everyday sounds to organized concerts and spontaneous street performances, she appreciates music in all its forms.

Cherishing Memories

Notable moments from Rugilė's concerts in Panevėžys music school have left an indelible mark on her.

Her first performance introduced her to stage excitement, while her last concert reflected on her journey and the wealth of experiences gained.

A Multifaceted Talent

Rugilė doesn't just excel at playing the kanklės; she is also a guitarist, vocalist, and artist, expressing her ideas and emotions through music and art.

Yearning for Home

Rugilė's ultimate aspiration is simple: to be happy. She values the chance to revisit her hometown of Panevėžys and relish time with loved ones, old friends, and cherished memories.

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