Jazz at the Depot Makes a Comeback in Duluth

Published February 10, 2024

DULUTH, Minn. — The historic Duluth Depot has once again become the weekend destination for jazz enthusiasts. Every Saturday, from now until the last weekend in April, the Depot's halls will resonate with the lively and soulful melodies of jazz.

Jazz Returns to the Train Museum with a Bang

In what has become a beloved tradition, Jazz at the Depot brings music to the Train Museum, a tradition that started only a few years ago. Since its inception, the event has seen a steady rise in attendance and is now a highlight in the local music scene.

Spotlight on the 'Trackside Quartet'

This season's highlight is the 'Trackside Quartet', a skilled ensemble slated to fill the air with classic jazz hits and contemporary favorites, creating a blend that appeals to a wide audience.

Saturdays Are For Jazz

The festivities commence every Saturday at 3 p.m., creating an ideal afternoon escape for jazz lovers. Tickets are affordably priced starting at $6 and include not just an immersive musical experience but also access to the train museum, making it a cultural excursion.

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