New Jukebox Musical Movie to Feature Prince's Music with Ryan Coogler Producing

Published March 24, 2024

Fans of the legendary musician Prince have something exciting to look forward to as a new jukebox musical movie featuring his music is in the works. This project has been brewing since 2018 and is gaining momentum with high-profile names attached to it.

Production Team

Ryan Coogler, widely recognized for his work as the director of Black Panther, has signed on to produce the film. Bryan Edward Hill, known for his contributions to Titans and Ash vs. Evil Dead, is set to write the movie's script.

Distribution and Details

Universal Pictures is set to distribute the film, although there are no specific details about the release date or casting choices as yet.

Stage Musical Adaptation

In addition to the movie, there's also news about 'Purple Rain', Prince’s iconic 1985 film, being adapted into a stage musical. The production will be inspired by the original screenplay by Albert Magnoli and William Blinn and is being developed by producer Orin Wolf. Wolf brings a wealth of experience, including the successful adaptation of 'The Band's Visit' to Broadway.

Tribute to the Legacy

The team behind the adaptation expressed their enthusiasm and vision for the project, viewing it as an appropriate tribute to Prince's legacy and a chance to bring the story of 'Purple Rain' to a new audience in a live theatre setting. They look forward to both introducing new fans to the story and reconnecting long-time afficionados with the power of the original film and album.

Ongoing Legal Battles

The development of these projects comes amidst ongoing legal disputes within Prince's family and heirs, who are struggling to manage the late artist's estate and legacy.

Additional News

In related news, André 3000 from OutKast shared a memorable interaction with Prince, who had reached out to discuss OutKast's 2014 reunion performance.

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