Musical Bingo: A Night of Tunes and Wins with Stacey Charles in Mijas

Published March 25, 2024

Gather your friends and head over to The Green Label at Chaparral Golf Club in Mijas for an evening of Musical Bingo hosted by Stacey Charles. Scheduled for Wednesday, April 17, this is not just any ordinary bingo night – it's a triple-threat event where live music, fun, and exciting prizes all come together.

What is Musical Bingo?

Imagine replacing the usual numbered bingo cards with song titles – that's exactly what Stacey Charles has done. She will perform snippets from various hit songs, both old and new, for participants to recognize and mark on their bingo cards. With three themed 45-minute games throughout the evening, players can expect an eclectic mix of genres from the 1980s hits to Soul/Motown, Power Ballads, Divas, Rock and Roll, and even Reggae.

How Does It Work?

For an entry fee of just €6, which can be purchased online or at the restaurant, you'll get three normal bingo cards and one super bingo card that spans all three games. As Stacey belts out tunes, your job is to check them off your cards. There are prizes for completing lines and a full house in each game, and a special prize for a full house on the super bingo card – including a chance to win a new Vivienne Westwood designer purse. The fun starts at 8:30 pm and promises to be an evening filled with enjoyment and the opportunity to win fabulous prizes.

Book Your Spot

Ready for a new twist on bingo? Don't miss out on this unique experience with the vibrant Caribbean sounds of Stacey Charles. For reservations or more information, you can reach out to The Green Label at 952 493 947. Come join the party for a chance to sing along, play along, and win big!

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