K-pop Newcomers Illit Shine at Debut Showcase with EP 'Super Real Me'

Published March 25, 2024

The latest addition to the K-pop scene, Illit, made a remarkable entry with their debut showcase in Seoul on a recent Monday. Displaying vibrant confidence and a burst of positive vibes, the band introduced their first EP titled Super Real Me.

Illit's First Impression

Throughout the event, the five members of Illit conveyed their enthusiasm and a strong connection to their performances, emphasizing their unique ability to get 'overly immersed' on stage. According to the bandmates, being on stage allows them to tap into their inner selves, which is portrayed in the energy of their performances. However, they also touched on their aim to be genuine off the stage, aligning with their real personas.

Aspirations and Music

Remaining true to the themes of authenticity and personal narratives encapsulated in their debut album, the band candidly shared lofty ambitions. They aspire to top TV music charts and dream of taking home a rookie award. Alongside these goals, Illit proudly presented their focus track 'Magnetic' and mentioned the involvement of Hybe chairman Bang Si-hyuk in its composition. Youthfulness radiates from the EP, which includes three additional tracks reflecting the fresh energy of the young group, all members being under the age of 20.

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