Elvis Bio-Musical Fails to Rock the State Theatre

Published February 12, 2024

Despite Elvis Presley's unparalleled place in music history, the revival of 'Elvis – A Musical Revolution' at the State Theatre doesn't live up to the legend's legacy. The musical, which opened on February 9 and will run until March 9, received a lukewarm rating of two and a half stars. This suggests that the production has substantial room for improvement. Musicals are notoriously challenging to create, especially when they're jukebox musicals relying heavily on beloved hits, as this hinders the ability to advance the storyline and develop characters through original compositions.

Heavy Expectation on Performers

Leading the cast, Rob Mallett takes on the daunting role of Elvis, and while his vocal performance impresses, capturing the unique timbre and energy of the King, it isn't enough. Elvis was not just a voice but a magnetic presence that revolutionized the expression of masculinity on stage. Mallett's portrayal, though competent, doesn't entirely encapsulate the requisite charm, look, sexuality, or the multitude of complex characteristics that defined Presley.

Production Aspects Leave Much Desired

Contributions from Noni McCallum as Presley's mother and Ian Stenlake's convincing Colonel Parker stand out, but these performances do not make up for the musical's shortcomings. The choreography by Michael Ralph, Daniel Puckey's band, and Isaac Lummis's convincing costumes add limited highlights, but the narrative's struggle and the uncertainty in finale execution reveal the production's core issues have not been resolved.

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