Two Pianists Blending Their Lives and Talents in Harmony

Published February 10, 2024

Pavel Kolesnikov and Samson Tsoy, not just partners in life but also on the stage, have woven their individual musical careers into a unified journey as a piano duo. Their collaborative path began during their school days, but now they have committed to making this intimate art form their professional pursuit.

From Schoolmates to Life Partners

The story of Pavel and Samson is not just about music but also about companionship. Having initially met as students, they didn't just strike a chord as performers but also found harmony in their personal lives. Through shared experiences and dedicated practice, they realized that their connection could deepen the four-hands music genre—where both pianists play on the same instrument, which is known for its intimacy and shared expression.

A Time for Growth

The pandemic in 2020 presented novel challenges as well as opportunities for the duo. In the absence of live audiences, they performed to emptiness and a camera, sharing their music online from an otherwise solemn Wigmore Hall. Yet, as they navigated through these trying times, they found solace and strength in the very essence of what brought them together: playing side by side. The situation was a stark reminder of the unique blend of the private and public facets of their art, leading them to embrace the piano duet fully.

Embracing the Stage Together

Fast forward, and the scene shifts to their home in London where life buzzes with activity and preparations. Kolesnikov had just been substituting at performances in Copenhagen, while plans burgeoned for their upcoming duo debut at none other than the renowned Carnegie Hall on February 13. They are not only preparing for this monumental performance but also looking forward to the release of their first joint album, slated for the summer. In the eyes of Kolesnikov, the art of the piano duet, with its roots in the comfort and privacy of one's abode, finds a unique challenge in transitioning to the grandeur of a concert hall's stage.

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