Celebrating Two Decades of Rhythmic Seas: The 20th Anniversary Groove Cruise Experience

Published February 10, 2024

Groove Cruise recently marked its 20th anniversary with a sold-out voyage of epic proportions. This floating festival is not your average cruise, as it transforms the sea into a pulsating dance floor for four full days and nights. The Norwegian Encore was home to round-the-clock house and techno music, catering to a vibrant crowd of 5,000 attendees, who the brand affectionately calls "captains." They had the chance to enjoy high-energy sets from world-renowned DJs like Tiësto, John Summit, Diplo, and many others, spread out across 11 stages and 18 decks.

Part I – The Ship

More than just a music festival, the Groove Cruise offers an array of amenities including luxury accommodations, an array of bars and restaurants, waterslides, and even the thrill of a go-kart racetrack at sea. The Haven provided the ultimate indulgence with 24-hour butler service and private facilities, while hidden music havens like the Social Lounge and 'razzle dazzle' room kept the party going with exclusive sets.

Part II – The Scene: Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat

With over 20 eating spots, including the ever-popular Garden Cafe, the Groove Cruise made sure nobody danced on an empty stomach. Sleep was scarce, replaced with brief "disco naps" to reenergize for the non-stop party. The onboard community was a kaleidoscope of euphoria and creativity as 'captains' donned extravagant costumes centered around daily themes, making for a memorable people-watching experience. Interestingly, the ships elevators served as a barometer for the collective mood, evolving from excitement to a wild disarray of disco balls and balloons.

Part III – The Music

Describing the relentless marathon of house and techno beats that powered the cruisers is a challenge, but several standout moments punctuated the musical journey. Memorable performances included collaborative sets, deck parties, and beach parties on Great Stirrup Cay, culminating with an unforgettable set by Tiësto. Female DJs were also celebrated with an all-female takeover, showcasing the talents of LP Giobbi, Mija, and more, supporting the cause of representation and opportunity for female and gender-expansive artists.

Part IV – Groovy Giveback

The Groove Cruise extends its impact beyond entertainment through its associated nonprofit organization. The Whet Foundation gives back to communities in the Bahamas through donations, clean-ups, and support for local arts. Captains were each given a bracelet made of recycled materials through a partnership with 4ocean, symbolizing a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Looking forward, Groove Cruise announces its next grand adventure for 2025, setting sail to Labadee aboard one of the largest ships in the world.

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