The Dandy Warhols Gear Up for New Album 'Rockmaker' Featuring 'Danzig With Myself' With Pixies' Frank Black

Published January 16, 2024

The alternative rock band The Dandy Warhols are set to release their twelfth studio album titled 'Rockmaker' this upcoming spring. The much-anticipated album promises to add another exciting chapter to the band's illustrious career.

New Single Unveiled

The new single released from the album is ‘Danzig With Myself’, a track that has involved collaboration with Frank Black of the Pixies. Courtney Taylor-Taylor, the lead of The Dandy Warhols, shared that the initial riff had either a Misfits or Danzig vibe to it, which, after slowing down, inspired the playful title. Taylor-Taylor expressed the infectious nature of the title, making it impossible to consider changing it.

Album Details and Guest Features

'Rockmaker', set to be available through Sunset Blvd. Records on March 15, already has a track listing that promises a diverse and exciting collection of songs. The album can be pre-ordered by those eager to listen. Adding to the attractions of the new album is the involvement of Frank Black, whom Taylor-Taylor reached out to for collaboration. Resulting from a casual check-in, Black agreed to contribute to 'Danzig With Myself' while he was in Zürich indulging in museum tours arranged by Taylor-Taylor.

Looking into the Tracklist

The upcoming album 'Rockmaker' includes tracks likely to intrigue fans, such as 'The Dooms Day Bells', 'Teutonic Wine', and 'Summer Of Hate'. The thematic variety alongside the distinct sound that The Dandy Warhols aim for signifies the band's desire to fill a gap they perceive in current heavy guitar music releases.

Upcoming Tours and Celebrations

The Pixies are concurrently preparing for a UK and European tour, celebrating the anniversaries of their albums 'Bossanova' and 'Trompe Le Monde.' The tour, starting this Spring, will feature complete performances of these classic albums. Of note is the fact that Pixies toured North America last year to support their 2022 release ‘Doggerel’.

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