Local Talent to Shine in Upcoming Hits and Jams “Masharama”

Published March 10, 2024

After the roaring success of 'Masharama' in 2024, Hits and Jams Entertainment is excited to announce the return of the event as an annual celebration. Looking ahead to 'Masharama 2025', the company has expressed a commitment to elevating local Guyanese artistes by giving them a greater role in the festivities.

Inclusivity for Local Artistes

The intention for the next 'Masharama' is clear: to create more space for local talent. The aim is to present these artistes on a major platform where they can perform alongside international music icons. This not only offers exposure to the local music scene but also positions Guyanese musicians in the spotlight, fostering a sense of pride and providing potential career advancements.

Recap of 'Masharama 2024'

The previous event featured a melting pot of musical talent with dancehall stars such as Brysco, Rajah Wild, Kraff, Nigy Boy, and Dovey Magnum headlining the show. They were joined by the legendary Jamaican artiste and producer, Rvssian, who added a global flavor to the event. Not to be outshone, Guyanese talent including Mattic Queen, Lil Million, Shatta Youth, and Original Lyrics had the opportunity to showcase their artistry, sharing the stage with the top three acts from the Dancehall Monarch Competition 2024.

As the anticipation for 'Masharama 2025' grows, both fans and artistes alike can expect a celebration that continues to lift up and honor the rich culture and talent found within Guyana's vibrant music industry.

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