The Daily Iowan Headliners Features ALYX RUSH in Concert Series

Published March 25, 2024

The Daily Iowan Headliners shines a spotlight on local talent by hosting a concert series that transforms the newspaper's newsroom into a performance stage for area musicians. The latest installment featured an artist known as ALYX RUSH, bringing their unique sound to the intimate setting. The commitment to showcasing homegrown artists underscores the series' reputation for being both a supporter of the local music scene and a creator of accessible cultural experiences.

Behind the Scenes with the Production Team

The realization of this musical showcase was the product of a dedicated team. Emily Nyberg took the helm as the director, also sharing videography responsibilities with Cody Blissett. Blissett further contributed his skills in the editing suite, ensuring that the final product was polished and engaging. The Daily Iowan Headliners team included Natalie Dunlap, Jami-Martin Trainor, and Evan Weidl, who produced the series, while Dan Miller crafted the sound design. Together, they worked in concert to create an experience that both the performers and the audience will not soon forget.

An Experience Worth Noting

The ALYX RUSH performance is a testament to the vitality and potential of local music scenes. Events like these serve not just as entertainment but also as platforms for artists to gain exposure and for communities to come together in appreciation of arts and culture. With the ongoing effort of The Daily Iowan Headliners, the series will continue to be a valued event for both artists and audiences alike.

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