Artivist Brunch: A Culinary Symphony in Braamfontein

Published March 25, 2024

Culinary enthusiasts and art lovers in Johannesburg have a new event to mark in their calendars, as the Artivist Brunch Club promises to infuse the city's creative energy into a series of delectable monthly gatherings. Located in the heart of Braamfontein, the Artivist, primarily known for its vibrant music scene, is now serving a brunch that tantalizes more than just the eardrums.

A New Culinary Event in Town

Surrounded by the hum of Johannesburg's dynamic inner-city, the Artivist sits like an oasis for the appreciators of culture and cuisine. The brunch is the brainwork of the highly touted chef Katlego Mlambo, who brings his culinary wizardry to the brunch club's table. With his experience delighting the palates of eminent personalities, Mlambo now aims to enchant the locals with his gastronomic art.

The Artivist is not just about the food; it is about crafting an atmosphere where diversity flourishes and community bonds over shared experiences. The venue, with its friendly hosts and inviting ambience, becomes the perfect backdrop for the event. Every brunch serves up a 'wave' of dishes, from savory snacks to sweet finales, ensuring a rich and varied experience for every guest.

Celebrating Art and Community Through Cuisine

The event does not shy away from innovation, with refreshments like champagne setting the mood, leading to a series of courses that play on both classic and contemporary flavors. Each course is designed to represent waves of artistic expression, similar to tracks in a musician's setlist. Patrons find themselves on a gastronomic journey through dishes that include such novelties as Korean fried chicken to staples like eggs Florentine, but with trendy twists.

The enthusiasm of both those behind the scenes and the attendees exemplifies the driving spirit of the brunch club—community and creativity are at its very core. In the words of co-owner Bradley Williams, the Artivist Brunch Club is about building a space that resonates with the city's artistic soul, where every dish resonates with the theme of 'music to the palate'.

Chef Mlambo's approach to cooking is akin to a mission—changing the world one plate at a time. And with each brunch, he's not just feeding bodies but also nurturing a cultural movement that transcends the ordinary dining experience. For foodies and art enthusiasts alike, the Artivist Brunch Club is fast becoming a cherished weekend ritual.

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