A Burst of Local Festivities: Art, Music, and Biodiversity Education in Central Oklahoma

Published March 21, 2024

With the forecast indicating a break in the wet weather, residents of central Oklahoma can anticipate a delightful array of outdoor events approaching. A standout event this weekend is the Factory Obscura's art and music festival, beckoning both art enthusiasts and music lovers alike with its diverse lineup of performances and artistic displays.

Factory Obscura’s Future of Sound Fest

This Saturday, downtown Oklahoma City will host the Future of Sound Fest from 2 to 8 p.m. at 25 NW 9, a celebration that merges the vibrancy of local tunes with the allure of an artist market. Further adding to the festivities, the event marks the release of a tape featuring original music by six artists, creatively spurred by the Mix-Tape art experience at Factory Obscura. The lineup for the day includes talents like Sweetest Pot, Psychic Baths, Moriah Bailey, Baileyboy, Challo, and Cheyanne Marie. Admission to the festival is complimentary, providing an eclectic mix of art, performances, and community-driven activities.

For those curious about Factory Obscura's indoor art offerings or interested in funding opportunities for art and education projects, the official website offers extensive information, including application details for a new grant initiative closing on April 15th.

Education and Nature at Mollie Spencer Farm

Simultaneously, the Mollie Spencer Farm in Yukon ushers in its internally crafted series of educational programs. This weekend, they commence with 'Coffee & Conversations' - a discussion focusing on biodiversity's vital role in our ecosystem from 9 to 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. Throughout the year, the series will continue to provide sessions on environmental conservation, animal welfare, and other nature-related topics. The upcoming roster of events includes sessions on gardening, beekeeping, and water ecology - each designed to impart practical knowledge in an interactive setting.

The Mollie Spencer Farm is devoted to community education through a hands-on approach. This dedication can be seen in their full schedule of activities where there's something for everyone who wishes to learn more about sustainable living and environmental stewardship.

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