Jazz Tribute Brings David Bowie's Music to Life at Evanston SPACE

Published January 15, 2024

On a memorable evening dedicated to the memory of David Bowie, fans gathered at Evanston SPACE to celebrate the iconic artist's legacy through jazz. The event took place on the eighth anniversary of Bowie's passing, offering a fresh take on his legendary music.

A Unique Musical Homage

The Chicago-based Metropolitan Jazz Octet, led by Jim Gailloreto and featuring vocalist Paul Marinaro, took the stage to deliver jazz renditions of Bowie's eclectic catalogue from their album 'The Bowie Project.' The tribute album, released in 2023, explores new jazz arrangements of Bowie's songs, transforming his rock heritage into rich jazz compositions.

The Birth of 'The Bowie Project'

Conceived in 2019 following a push for creativity, Marinaro suggested the idea of a Bowie tribute during a moment of inspiration. Gailloreto was receptive to the challenge, and thus 'The Bowie Project' began. Their collaboration resulted in an album that delves deeper than Bowie's chart-topping hits, exploring less-known tracks that resonate with potent storytelling through Marinaro's vocal interpretations.

Fusing Jazz with Bowie's Artistry

The selection process for songs on the album was meticulous, focusing on lyrics and stories that would translate well into jazz. This careful curation resulted in a collection that includes both fan favorites like 'Let's Dance' and 'Space Oddity,' and deeper cuts expressing themes of isolation and connection, a reflection of the recording process during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bringing Fans Together

The performance at Evanston SPACE resonated with a diverse audience, from Bowie aficionados to those new to his discography. The concert offered an opportunity for listeners to delve into the narrative behind Bowie's work, adding a new level of appreciation for his songwriting genius. Audience members left with a renewed interest in Bowie's music, intrigued by the depth of his lyrics and the transformative power of the jazz genre.

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