Emerging Latin Artists to Take the Stage at SXSW's De Los Music Showcase

Published March 12, 2024

South by Southwest (SXSW), the celebrated music festival in Austin, Texas, is all set to host the De Los music showcase in 2024. The festival, known for drawing vast crowds eager to discover the latest and greatest in music, is preparing to feature a host of Latin artists primed to make their mark in the industry.

Discover New Latin Sounds

This year's showcase is all about uncovering new talent, with an exciting selection of artists that illustrate the rich diversity within Latin music. Expect everything from Mexican melodies to urban beats, as these performers bring their unique sounds to the forefront of the Austin music scene.

Who's On Stage?

Polo González, a singer-songwriter from Jalisco, Mexico, is thrilling audiences with his viral hit 'Sencillo Soy' and contributions to the evolution of traditional Mexican music genres. With millions of views online and collaborations with notable names, his presence at the festival is highly anticipated.

Los Aptos combines the heartfelt storytelling of sierreño music with modern pop and rock, resulting in a refreshing and evolving sound. Their past year's breakthrough performances and album releases have demonstrated their rising appeal.

Pink Pablo, the stage name of Juan Pablo Rivera, offers a high-energy mix of various genres wrapped up in a charismatic package. Leaving his graduate studies for music, his dedication to his craft has borne fruit with a compelling new EP.

Bodine shifts from modeling to music, creating a distinctive vibe with luxurious vocals and beats. Her debut album and latest singles show her prowess in blending sensuality with upbeat rhythms.

Las Tiarras, hailing from Austin itself, bring local flavor to the showcase. The family band's musical blend is a testament to their Chicana roots, injecting rock and cumbia with a message of empowerment.

Nohemy defies genre limitations by incorporating urbano and house music into her sound. With energetic tracks and songwriting credits for prominent artists, she's a versatile performer ready to captivate the SXSW audience.

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