Montreal Musician Awarded $1.5 Million in Defamation Case

Published March 12, 2024

A Montreal electronic music artist, Frederik Durand, known by his stage name Snails, has won a $1.5 million defamation lawsuit in Alberta. The case stemmed from social media posts labeling him a sexual predator, which he vehemently denied. Durand expressed his relief, describing the ordeal as a complete nightmare.

Years of Career Damage

Durand's career took a significant hit when an Instagram account began spreading allegations against him in early 2020. The accusations, which he says are false, led to a steep decline in his performances and income. From gigging up to 150 times a year and earning close to $3 million in 2018, Durand saw a drastic drop, performing just about 15 shows in 2023 and experiencing a financial loss.

Legal Victory and Its Implications

The legal win is not only a personal triumph for Durand but also a signal to the dangers of internet defamation. The court awarded damages of $1.5 million and issued a permanent injunction against the perpetrator of the social media posts, California resident Michaela Higgins. The judge's decision emphasized the lawsuit's outcome as no judgment on the #MeToo movement, which continues to highlight issues of sexual misconduct.

Paving the Way for Future Actions

This judgment could pave the way for similar cases, addressing the harm caused by defamation on internet platforms. Durand's meticulous record-keeping of electronic data proved instrumental in his defense, underscoring the importance of digital evidence in modern legal battles.

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