Chief Musician Andrew Skaggs Performs at Navy Band Chamber Recital in Virginia

Published March 25, 2024

On the 23rd of March, 2024, Chief Musician Andrew Skaggs took the stage at Walker Chapel United Methodist Church in Arlington, VA for a special chamber music recital concert. Skaggs, hailing from Ashland, Kentucky, demonstrated his musical talents before an audience that often enjoys such performances in the Washington, D.C. vicinity. These recitals by the Navy Band are a staple in the community, showcasing the musical prowess of its members.

An Evening of Musical Excellence

The sounds of classical music filled the historic church as Skaggs and his fellow Navy Band members captivated the attendees. The recitals are known to provide a regular cultural offering to the public, allowing for the appreciation of classical music within a community setting.

Snapshot of the Event

The details of the recital were captured in a photograph by Musician 1st Class Justin Juarez. This image, showing Skaggs in performance, represents the dedication and professionalism of the Navy Band musicians. The photograph, with identification number 240323-N-FD081-1075, features a high resolution of 1815x2728 pixels, and is now part of public domain imagery available for viewing.

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