Weekend Blast: Elvis Tributes, Yacht Rockers, and Top Beers

Published May 9, 2024

A weekend accompanied by the likes of Elvis Presley, Pablo Cruise, and the finest local beers is set to offer ample enjoyment. The Bay Area is hosting an array of events that combine musical nostalgia with culinary excursions and fun-filled amusement park visits. Although the anticipated excitement is palpable, event-goers should ensure they keep up with any sudden changes in health protocols or event details.

1. Music and Performances Aplenty

An exciting spread of performances is available, ranging from Smuin Contemporary Ballet's fresh Elvis-inspired pieces to Symphony San Jose's interpretation of Puccini, which promises an auditory feast. Music enthusiasts have a variety to choose from over the weekend.

2. Culinary Innovations: Asian Grilling

Exploring the techniques of Asian grilling can lead to delightful new flavors. Cookbook author Su-Mei Yu sheds light on how to elevate your barbecue with an Asian twist, infusing grilling traditions with inventive and mouth-watering recipes.

3. Adventure Awaits at Theme Parks

For those seeking thrills, California's theme parks, including the iconic Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, gear up for the approaching summer with the latest updates and attractions that visitors old and new will surely enjoy.

4. Yacht Rock Nostalgia with Pablo Cruise

The Bay Area's very own Pablo Cruise, a pivotal name in the 'yacht rock' scene of the 70s, still rocks the stage today and has scheduled performances in the area, ready to bring back the smooth sounds of yesteryear.

5. Cheers to Bay Area Beers

Beer enthusiasts can take pride as the Bay Area's craft breweries have clinched honors at the World Beer Cup, underscoring the region's reputation for fine beers worth savoring.

6. A Mind-Bending New Sci-Fi Series

'Dark Matter,' a new series based on Blake Crouch's novel, offers a thought-provoking and captivating sci-fi adventure that demands the viewer's attention and promises reward through its storytelling and visuals.

7. A Quinoa Dish That Delights

Those skeptical of quinoa might find themselves converted with a zesty asparagus and lemon salad that introduces a refreshing take on the grain, offering a wholesome and tasty plate that stands out in its simplicity.

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