Dedicated Music Fans Brave Cold for Tanglewood Tickets in Western Massachusetts

Published March 23, 2024

Despite the chilly grasp of early spring, music enthusiasts eagerly queued up in the frosty weather for their chance to purchase tickets to the cherished Tanglewood music venue. Known for hosting the Boston Symphony Orchestra throughout the summer, Tanglewood is a cornerstone of seasonal tradition in Western Massachusetts.

Anticipation in the Frosty Air

It was a frigid 25 degrees on Tuesday morning when Gary Soldati, a 72-year-old from West Stockbridge, was the first to park his pickup at the Tanglewood grounds at the break of dawn, four hours before ticket sales began. With winter stubbornly lingering and a fresh dusting of snow flurries swirling, the opening of the Tanglewood ticket box office served as a beacon of promises for the warmer days ahead.

A Community’s Seasonal Milestone

Locals in Lenox, a mere two miles from Tanglewood, recognize the profound significance of this annual event. Monika Pizzichemi, an art gallery manager, optimistically voiced the community's sentiment, acknowledging the box office opening as a herald of spring's eventual arrival. The venue not only signals the change of seasons but also vitalizes the area's economy, drawing in throngs of visitors and reviving the town of 5,000 residents. After a tumultuous period of cancellations and setbacks due to the pandemic, the return of the full season at Tanglewood is especially poignant, marking a renaissance of tradition, music, and regional prosperity.

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