Dr. Jonathan Talberg Reflects on a Life in Music on Artist Banter S4E1

Published February 9, 2024

In the opening episode of the fourth season of Artist Banter, host Julia Goldman engages in conversation with Dr. Jonathan Talberg, the esteemed Director of Choral Studies at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). Dr. Talberg shares his profound experiences that have not only shaped his career but also influenced his approach to teaching in the university's thriving choral program.

A Journey Through Music

Dr. Talberg has been a part of the Beach community for over two decades, dedicating 24 years to the education and guidance of countless students. His expertise and passion have seen him lead the acclaimed Bob Cole Conservatory Chamber Choir to remarkable heights, earning recognition and the opportunity to collaborate with renowned musical entities like the Los Angeles Masters Chorale, Kronos Quartet, Pacific Symphony, and even rock legends the Rolling Stones.

Reflecting on his life's choices, Dr. Talberg states, "I've spent my whole life in the arts. But I think for me, music was the right decision," affirming his commitment to the classical choral genre, which he regards as his truest calling and area of greatest expertise. The respect and admiration for his work are echoed in the communities he has enriched, as evidenced by the striking performances his students deliver.

Teaching With Passion

His conversation with Goldman delves into the early sparks of his musical career and how each lesson learned along the way has empowered him to become a leading figure in music education. Dr. Talberg's unique insights and experiences permeate his teaching philosophy, creating a dynamic and inspirational environment for students at CSULB.

Those interested in supporting or learning more about the choral initiatives at CSULB can follow their updates and performance announcements on Instagram through @csulb_bccm and @choirsatbccm.

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