Dead Island 2 Unveils Music Festival-Themed SoLA Expansion

Published March 22, 2024

After overcoming a development process fraught with challenges, Dead Island 2 has risen from the ashes, landing in the hands of eager fans. Surpassing initial sales expectations and securing a foothold within the Game Pass service just one month after its release, the game now takes the top spot as a fan favorite. Players who reveled in the sun-soaked zombie apocalypse are in for a treat, as more content is on the horizon.

Introducing SoLA Expansion

Dambuster Studios, coupled with Plaion, have built upon the foundation laid by Dead Island 2 to bring forth the SoLA expansion, a fresh narrative experience. Set to make its grand entrance on April 17, SoLA promises to raise the stakes with an immersive adventure set against the backdrop of an iconic Californian music festival.

The official blurb paints a vivid picture: "Stage dive into the heart of SoLA, the ultimate Californian music festival, built upon ancient grounds. A psychedelic beat drives LA's last rave into chaos, transforming it into a gruesome pit, haunted by an ominous force that hungers amidst the shadows."

A Festival of Fright and Fun

The expansion is more than a mere extension, featuring a new campaign and a bevy of fresh locations ripe for exploration. New foes await, challenging players to overcome them with an arsenal of novel weaponry. While visual teasers remain forthcoming, enthusiasts can whet their appetites with a handful of initial screenshots, stoking the flames of anticipation until the SoLA trailer drops.

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