Lip Critic Curates Exclusive Playlist for The Cover Feature

Published February 12, 2024

Lip Critic has crafted a special playlist for their spotlight feature in The Cover this week. Hailing from New York, the emerging band has the honor of gracing The Cover, and alongside their feature interview, they are showcasing their musical tastes and influences.

Highlighting their role in promoting fresh talent, The Cover commits to featuring an up-and-coming artist each week, and for the week of February 12, Lip Critic has stepped into the limelight. The full discussion with the band is accessible for those interested in their narrative.

In a celebratory move, the band's playlist, aptly named 'What The Heck Goin' On In New York,' brings together a collection of tracks from fellow New York artists like Prize, Sunbloc, Trip Villain, and others, who they believe are at the helm of the current underground scene in NYC.

The curated playlist is available for audiences on Spotify and can also be found on Apple Music, offering a sonic journey through New York's vibrant music community.

During the associated interview for The Cover, Bret Kaser, the frontman, reflects on the electrifying stage presence the group is known for, a quality that has earned them considerable praise, such as a five-star review from a previous live performance. Kaser shares details of the intense preparation that goes into their shows, including specialized training that bolsters their stamina and performance skills.

Their dedication to delivering powerful live experiences is underscored by Kaser's comments on the exhaustive yet exhilarating nature of their performances. The band's full story is made available for readers who wish to dive deeper into the world of Lip Critic.

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