iEdit: Will Martino's Eclectic New York-Inspired Playlist

Published March 22, 2024

Will Martino may not have been born a New Yorker, but his experiences and a specially curated playlist certainly grant him honorary New Yorker status. This playlist is a love letter to the dreamers and those who aspire to be part of the iconic New York City lifestyle, capturing the city's essence through music and personal tales.

From New Hampshire to New York

Originally from the peaceful state of New Hampshire, Will Martino brought his dreams to life in the bustling streets of New York City. While delivering food as a DoorDasher, he encountered the raw and unpredictable heartbeat of the city, from narrowly avoiding traffic incidents to absorbing the unique atmosphere of the subway.

A Playlist that Echoes NYC's Pulse

Will's playlist is a journey through his New York experiences, starting with an ode to dreams through Bleachers' opening track 'Dream Of Mickey Mantle.' His song choices, including Taylor Swift's 'Style,' echo a connection to the city, blending nostalgia with personal significance. As he took confident strides through neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, his choice of music reflects a timeless confidence.

Lorde's anthem from her album Melodrama represents a generation's voice, resonating with Will's own pursuit of opportunities. His ambitious energy and passion are evident in his choices, from becoming an integral part of The Heights team to enjoying the city's relentless pace.

Sentimentality and Ambition Intertwined

Tracks like Taylor Swift's 'Long Live (Taylor’s Version)' and 'One More Weekend' by The 1975 expose the sentimental aspect of Will's character. His time at The Heights has transformed from a resume-building venture to a mission to capture and immortalize life's impactful moments. Maggie Rogers' 'Dog Years' and the 'Audition (The Fools Who Dream)' from La La Land further convey Will's deep-seated dreams and value for quality time with loved ones.

'Days Like This' by Van Morrison brings Will back to his roots, reminding him of family and simpler times, even amidst his love for the city's bustle. Closing with 'Finale B' from Rent, his Broadway influences and a seize-the-day mindset shine through.

A Tribute to Ambition and Friendship

Will stands tall, not just in stature but in his attributes of ambition, grace, authenticity, and compassion. Acting as a role model, his life and leadership represent what many dream of when they think of New York. The playlist is a testament to his journey, both in life and within the city that never sleeps.

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