The Commotions: Ottawa's Big Band with a Soulful Twist Premieres New Album

Published January 17, 2024

The Commotions, Ottawa's own soul-infused big band, has introduced their latest musical creation to the public - a spirited album aptly called 'Vol. 3'. This ensemble isn't just your typical band; they're a 12-member powerhouse crafting a rich sound reminiscent of the golden Motown era, complete with a brass section that packs a punch. The group's founder, Brian Asselin, insists on a 'go big or go home' philosophy that emanates through their robust and inventive music.

New Music Showcase on the Horizon

Anticipation is high as the Commotions gear up to celebrate their third album on January 20th at Bronson Centre Music Theatre. The launch promises to elevate the band's already impressive reputation. Asselin's experience touring with The Funk Brothers has significantly influenced the band's music direction, aiming to recreate the stirring soul sounds that first inspired him to establish The Commotions.

A Collaborative Effort in Music

The album, a labor of love nearly six years in the making, was delayed by the pandemic and the ambitious goals Asselin set for the project. Several guest musicians, including a string section, and top-notch arrangers have left their mark on the album. Contributions also came from Commotions' vocalists, co-producers, and other Ottawa talents to enrich the sound. Asselin himself took special arranging lessons during the pandemic to keep the creative juices flowing.

The Big Band Challenge

Maintaining such a large group comes with its hurdles, but Asselin is confident that the growing popularity of horn sections in pop music signals a bright future for bands like The Commotions. The band looks forward to making an impact on the festival scene and soft-seat theatres in North America and Europe. Asselin is driven by the belief that their unique sound could find a special place in the music industry's revival of soulful sounds.

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