Artist Banter Spotlights New Tradition's Fusion of Sounds in Season 4 Episode 4

Published March 11, 2024

In the latest installment of Artist Banter, host Julia Goldman welcomes the innovative members of New Tradition, an emerging progressive pop fusion band based in Orange County, to discuss their musical journey. The episode zooms in on how the band came to be, highlighting their unique spin on performing well-loved songs.

The Genesis Of New Tradition

During their candid conversation, lead singer Duy Nguyen-Amigo and multi-talented musician EJ Villanueva recall the inception of New Tradition towards the end of 2022. They detail the early days of the band's formation, emphasizing their shared passion for music and their desire to breathe fresh life into classic tunes.

Live Performances That Resonate

Members including bassist Kevin Tran and guitarist Bryan Garcia join the co-founders to reflect on their performance highlights. They recall the excitement of sharing the stage with artists from the Vietnamese-language variety show, Paris by Night, and their memorable moments playing at venues like the 626 Night Market and Disneyland.

Connect With New Tradition

For fans excited to keep up with New Tradition's journey, the band encourages listeners to follow their official Instagram handle @Newtradition_official for updates on new music releases and information on upcoming performances.

Join The Conversation

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