DJ Zinhle: A Portrait of Talent, Motherhood, and Entrepreneurship

Published February 10, 2024

DJ Zinhle has become a renowned figure in the music scene, not only for her exceptional skills behind the turntables but also for her successful ventures as an entrepreneur, and her role as a loving mother. A master of adaptation and growth, Zinhle has persisted in the challenging world of DJing for over two decades.

Carving Out a Niche in a Male-Dominated Industry

Having observed her brother's involvement in the DJ scene early on, Zinhle spotted the lack of female representation and saw an opportunity to make an impact. With her marketing studies at the University of Johannesburg under her belt, she combined her academic insights with her passion for music to shape a unique brand for herself.

Her early days in the business presented challenges, from engaging the crowd to handling physical vinyl records, but these experiences built resilience. Zinhle's efforts to support and empower women within the industry led to the creation of a DJ school specifically for young women, launching the careers of many talented individuals.

Musical Milestones and Business Ventures

Tracks like Pepe, lacking lyrics, yet still moving listeners, showcase Zinhle's creative prowess. Her 2012 hit, My Name Is, featuring Busiswa, remains a staple that energizes any dance floor. But DJ Zinhle extends her artistry beyond the club, as she directs her entrepreneurial spirit into a range of businesses, including her own accessory line and a chic hair salon.

Despite the demands of her career and business, being a mother remains her most cherished role. The tragic loss of her daughter's father has been a difficult period for her family, but Zinhle continues to nurture her children with love and dedication.

The Journey Continues

With a career that keeps reaching new heights, DJ Zinhle doesn't plan on slowing down. Looking forward to significant performances like the main stage at Ultra Music Festival, she reflects on the rewarding journey and the many accomplishments over two decades in the industry.

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