Iconic Nineties Band Air Reunites for 25th Anniversary Tour

Published March 12, 2024

Fans of nineties music, get ready to dive into nostalgia as the cherished electronica band Air announces a grand world tour to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Picture the decade when French electronic music took the world by storm, embodied by the iconic duo Air, consisting of Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel.

Remembering the Impact of 'Moon Safari'

It all began 25 years ago when Air released their debut album Moon Safari in 1998. This album, featuring the hit single 'Sexy Boy,' was a breakthrough, helping to popularize French dance music in the UK and US. Their subsequent release, The Virgin Suicides, served as a soundtrack for the film of the same name and starred Kirsten Dunst, further establishing their mark in the music industry.

A Celebration of a Milestone

In honor of Moon Safari's 25th anniversary, Air will embark on the 'Air Play Moon Safari' world tour. Fans will be thrilled to know the tour line-up includes a special sold-out show at the London Coliseum on March 24, followed by appearances at Sydney's famous venues, and a repeat performance at London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall in May.

This nostalgic tour is not just a trip through their discography, but the first return to live performances in seven years and the first in the UK since 2016. As part of their tour, the duo will perform in various European countries and eventually make their way to North America in October.

Moon Safari was a sensation, achieving platinum status in four countries. Across their career, Air has released six studio albums and worked alongside several major artists. To mark this anniversary, a deluxe edition of Moon Safari will be launched on March 15, including previously unreleased demos and live sessions to delight of fans.

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