III MEF Band Celebrates Alliance Anniversary at the Korean Red Marine Corps Festival

Published May 3, 2024

In a display of camaraderie and historical partnership, members of the U.S. Marines with the III Marine Expeditionary Force Band were captured in a commemorative photo alongside a local South Korean citizen. This heartfelt snapshot was taken amidst the festivities of the 2024 Korean Red Marine Corps Festival, which was held at the Republic of Korea Marine Corps Base in Pohang. The photo, dated April 28, 2024, not only symbolizes the enduring friendship but also marks the 71st anniversary of the Republic of Korea and the United States alliance.

A Moment Shared in Unity

The 2024 Korean Red Marine Corps Festival is an annual event that brings together military and civilians alike in a historic celebration. It is an occasion that honors the longstanding relations between South Korea and the United States, forged through decades of mutual cooperation and shared values. The Marines’ presence, epitomized through the III MEF Band's participation, highlights the unity and strength of this alliance.

Commemoration Captured in Imagery

A testament to the day's significance, the photograph taken by Cpl. Stephen Holland of the U.S. Marine Corps serves as both a memento and a symbol of the unshakeable bond between the two nations. The precise resolution of 5472x3648 alongside the detailed metadata such as the photo's identification number 8378478 and the Visual Information Record Identification Number (VIRIN) 240428-M-RV180-1424 underlines the attention to preserving this moment in high fidelity for future generations to appreciate.

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