A January That Sounds Like July: Exceptional Musical Talent Graces the Town

Published January 17, 2024

At the onset of the year, while the rest of the country might be nestled into a winter slumber, our town springs to life with sounds that rival the vibrancy of July. This month, we are blessed with an array of musical genius, both from the national and local spectrums, ensuring a calendar brimming with live performances that promise to enrich the soul.

A Showcase of Musical Brilliance

Without the necessity of a favoring parent's dilemma, I find it impossible to pinpoint just a single must-see show. The lineup is a testament to diversity and excellence in music. From Tommy Castro's pioneering blues opera to The Third Mind's unique assembly of individually acclaimed artists, the stage is set for unprecedented musical narratives.

Once-in-a-Generation Voices

Wynton Marsalis has proclaimed Cecile McLorin Salvant's voice as a rare gem, a talent arriving perhaps once or twice in a lifetime. Her presence is a beacon for listeners seeking a profound musical encounter. Similarly, the Santa Cruz Symphony continues its tradition of introducing innovative music and methods, like melding Korean influences with orchestral sounds in Jean Ahn’s U.S. premiere piece.

Immersive musical experiences continue with Victor Wooten, whose mastery with the bass guitar has captured the admiration of critics worldwide, earning him a place on Rolling Stone's 'Top 10 Bassists of All Time' list. Meanwhile, John Wesley Harding, also known by his given name Wesley Stace, offers an intimate display of his indie artistry in Watsonville, which promises to be an unmissable event for staunch music lovers.

As these remarkable talents converge in our town this month, the only question that persists is how to choose between these diverse and compelling performances, if choosing is an option at all.

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