The Spectacular Showcase of The 12 Tenors Live in Palma

Published March 23, 2024

Each member of The 12 Tenors shines as an unparalleled talent in the international music scene. When united, these vocalists become an indomitable showcase of musical prowess.

With a tradition spanning over 14 years, The 12 Tenors have captivated audiences in sold-out theaters worldwide. Their performances are a harmonious blend of beloved operatic arias and iconic rock-pop anthems, all amplified by the dynamic accompaniment of a live band.

The performances by these virtuosos are nothing short of enchanting. They have a charm that transfixes crowds across Europe, China, Japan, and South Korea. Their shows are intricately constructed, displaying an array of personalities—sophisticated, playful, humorous, and strikingly handsome. The group's choreography offers a spectacle that promises universal delight.

In their current “Music of the World 2023/24” tour, The 12 Tenors celebrate legendary songs that have left indelible marks in music history, alongside modern worldwide hits that continue delighting millions. These concerts become timeless moments that audience members cherish.

Their new live show is a cultural mosaic, taking spectators on an enchanting journey brimming with emotion, nostalgia, and unexpected delights.

The collective will be gracing the stage of the Auditorium in Palma on the night of Friday, April 12, at 9:30 pm. Mark your calendars for a mesmerizing evening.

Dance-Driven Dynamism

Palma's audience still reminisces about their phenomenal one-night performance in 2021. High-energy choreographed renditions of classics like 'Dancing in the Street,' 'Come Together', and 'Good Vibrations' contributed to a rapidly sold-out event and widespread acclaim.

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