Madison's Local Music Scene Showcases Talent Beyond The Basement

Published February 9, 2024

Post-Valentine's revelry in Madison gets amplified on February 17th, bringing four local bands to the forefront at the High Noon Saloon. Starting from 7 p.m., the venue will host a unique concert aimed at elevating the city's thriving music scene.

Age-Inclusive and Local Talent Spotlight

Arthur Machado, a University of Wisconsin senior and co-promoter of the event, emphasizes the inclusivity of the upcoming show, which will solely feature local bands like his own, Mio Min Mio, a musical group inspired by a Swedish children's tale bearing the same title. Machado, also a part of the university's School of Journalism and Mass Communication, takes pride in the band's composition—entirely of people of color—to reflect diversity within the Madison music community.

The concert, cheerfully named "Don't be afraid, I will be your Valentine," is co-organized by Machado alongside Shawn Bass, a behavior consultant at Waisman Center Community TIES and guitarist for the band Or Does it Explode. The collaborative effort between Machado and Bass to present this show followed their encounter at WSUM, Madison's student-run radio station.

A Diverse Musical Line-up

Garnering much excitement, the show will host not just emo—which dominates the local scene—but a vibrant mix of genres. Though many local bands often perform at basements and house parties, this event deliberately avoids age or accessibility barriers, aiming to provide a platform for an assorted lineup. In addition to the emo representation, concert-goers will also experience the environmental themes of Snag, touch upon trans-activism with Riot-Nine, and relish the love songs from Boxing Day, which offers a unique inclusion of a trumpeter.

The event will feature powerful post-hardcore performances to start, courtesy of Mio Min Mio and Or Does it Explode, followed by more explosive music from Riot-Nine and Snag, winding down with the gentler, love-inspired tunes of Boxing Day.

More Than Just a Concert

For the Madison music buffs, the evening also promises engaging experiences including anecdotes and potentially stirring political statements through music. According to Katya Pierce, vocalist of Or Does it Explode, the political often intertwines with the personal, perhaps more so in the intimate space of local performances. This lineup brings together an array of individual stories and commitments, each shaping the rich and dynamic soundscape of the night.

Audience members are encouraged to indulge in the diverse narratives and enjoy an evening of not just music, but meaningful engagement. The show stands as a testament to Madison's special culture that embraces local bands and their myriad talents.

Tickets for the event are available at $10 if purchased in advance or $15 at the door the night of the show, with doors opening an hour earlier at 6 p.m.

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