9 Vibrant Tracks to Usher in Daylight Saving Time

Published March 12, 2024

As daylight saving time heralds the arrival of longer sunny hours, a celebration is in order with a melody of songs that encapsulate the essence of sunlight and the joy of extra daylight. This collection of tunes will not only get you moving but also echo the sunny bliss of spring's promise.

Brighter Evenings Ahead

The transition into daylight saving time brings with it the coveted gift of an extra hour of sunshine in the evenings. This seasonal shift is often seen as a marker of spring, moving us away from the dark, cold winter days into the warmth and light of the forthcoming season.

A Playlist Illuminated by Sunshine

This specially curated playlist features a variety of songs that revolve around the theme of sunshine and daylight. From the sacred aspects of light in certain tracks to the simple pleasure of a sunny day depicted in others, these songs represent an array of perspectives on the sun's light. Artists like Hank Williams imbue light with a spiritual essence, while Roy Ayers Ubiquity celebrates the sun's physical presence. Even those like the Velvet Underground and Harry Styles, who appear indifferent to the sun in their lyrics, produce music that shines bright with warmth.

As winter apparel is cautiously replaced with lighter attire, this selection of songs serves as the perfect backdrop for those first brave steps into the sun-drenched streets of early spring. Though it may still be March, the essence of summer's sunshine is embraced early through these vibrant melodies.

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