Regina Musician Dan Silljer Embraces His Roots in Blues

Published February 23, 2024

Dan Silljer, a veteran Regina musician, is making waves as he rekindles his passion for the blues. With a rich 30-year career dabbling in various music genres, Silljer has decided to return to the blues, the music that originally ignited his love for performance. As he takes to the stage tonight at the Regina Mid-Winter Blues Festival, Silljer contemplates a blues album that celebrates the sounds that have influenced him throughout his life.

An Eclectic Musical Journey

From touring with his own band to backing up Canadian icons such as Serena Ryder and Jason Plumb, Silljer has experienced the full spectrum of the music scene. Although he previously ventured from the blues, choosing to indulge in different styles, he now acknowledges that his true calling lies within the blues genre. This realization is shaping his next project, a homage to the musical style that started it all.

Inspiration and Legacy

Memories of jam sessions with blues legends and the sounds that filled his family home continue to inspire Silljer’s musical direction. Reflecting on his experiences with renowned artists like Jeff Healey and drawing from the musicality of his parents, Silljer carries forward a lineage of blues and soul. His new music not only honors personal mentors but also aims to keep authentic blues alive in Regina’s music scene.

Finding Harmony in Life and Music

Life changes led Silljer to step back from rigorous touring, but the call of music never faded. With his son now older, Silljer feels the pull to step back into music, this time with a focus on crafting a blues album. Such an album serves as a salute to his roots and an affirmation of his identity as an artist, solidifying his contribution to the blues genre.

The Blues Foundation in Rock and Beyond

For Silljer, blues is not just a genre; it's a foundation for creative expression. Even within the rock realm, he recognizes the profound influence blues has had on music, shaping the styles of giants like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. By embracing his return to blues, Silljer joins a lineage of musicians who understand that the raw, emotive power of blues is the heart of many musical styles.

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