Billie Joe Armstrong Opens Up About His Alcohol Struggles and Stage Fright

Published January 17, 2024

For nearly four decades, Green Day has been a staple in the punk rock scene, thrilling audiences across the globe and releasing a total of 14 albums, with their newest one called Saviors set to drop on January 19th. They’re not only introducing fresh tracks but are also leading The Saviors Tour from May through September. In the midst of gearing up for their latest album launch, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has candidly spoken about his personal battles with alcoholism, connecting his troubles with a surprising case of stage fright.

Billie Joe Armstrong and His Fight With Stage Fright

Despite performing for thousands of enthusiastic fans for years, Armstrong has revealed he's been dealing with stage fright. On the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Armstrong shared his experiences. "I get massive stage fright, it's the anticipation of all day going on and getting ready to go on stage at a stadium or something," he explained.

How Alcohol Became a Coping Mechanism

To handle his stage fright, Armstrong turned to alcohol, which he discovered helped him relax before performances. "I started around the record after 'Dookie', that I would get so nervous that I started drinking more before shows. I was like, 'Hey that works, I'm gonna keep doing that.' Then I realized, 'Wow, I keep drinking after the show too and during the show'. It just kind of happened," he disclosed.

The Struggle to Stop Drinking

While a few drinks seemed harmless initially, Armstrong recognized that it was a challenge to stop once he started. He described the transformation as becoming "everyone's drunk annoying uncle." He discussed the humor in some situations but expressed concern over his lack of control, with drinking sessions lasting until the early hours and sometimes involving other substances. Armstrong’s issues with substance abuse led him to check into rehab following a 2012 onstage incident at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.

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