BeachLife Festival Announces SpeakEasy Stage Lineup Including Beastie Boys' DJ

Published February 23, 2024

The BeachLife Festival is gearing up for its fifth annual event with an exciting lineup for its SpeakEasy Stage, featuring a mix of iconic musicians and up-and-coming artists. From May 3 through May 5, the festival will bring a diverse range of performances to Redondo Beach, offering an intimate setting for festival-goers.

Eclectic Mix of Artists on SpeakEasy Stage

Attendees can expect a unique experience at the SpeakEasy Stage with acoustic and stripped-down sets across different genres. The stage will boast performances from the acclaimed Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, punk scene veterans, and emerging talents. The festival's first day will see acts like Warren Fitzgerald of The Vandals and Scott Reynolds of ALL gracing the stage alongside Mix Master Mike.

The subsequent days will continue to showcase talent with artists such as Jen Pop of The Bombpops and punk legend Kevin Seconds performing. The final day will feature performances from bands like It’s OK! and Asiatica.

A Cultural Haven for Punk Rock Fans

The SpeakEasy Stage not only highlights renowned names but also serves as a tribute to the rich punk history of South Bay. The stage's acoustic vibe is intended to offer an intimate atmosphere that stands in contrast to the larger main stages. Jim Lindberg of Pennywise, who acts as the creative director for the festival, emphasized the importance of featuring punk rock in a way that resonates with the local heritage but also fits the festival's broader musical offerings.

Mix Master Mike, a Grammy Award-winning artist, will make history at the festival as the first DJ to perform on the SpeakEasy Stage, introducing an innovative twist to the punk-dominated platform. Lindberg himself has performed on this stage, known for its more personal and scaled-down setting.

Main Stage Headliners and Festival Growth

While the SpeakEasy Stage offers its unique charm, the festival's main stages will see headlining acts such as Sting, Incubus, and My Morning Jacket. These artists will join an impressive roster that includes classic acts DEVO and ZZ Top, showcasing the festival's range in accommodating musical tastes.

Since its inception in 2019, the BeachLife Festival has become a significant event in the Redondo Beach area, bringing together more than 30,000 people to enjoy music by the sea. With the introduction of BeachLife Ranch in 2022, which focuses on country and Americana music, the festival continues to expand its influence and appeal.

Ticket packages for the three-day BeachLife Festival are currently available, offering a chance to be part of this unique beachside musical celebration.

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