Soulamp Entertainment Holds Second 'Soul Sundays' to Spotlight Malawian Talent

Published February 10, 2024

Soulamp Entertainment, a Malawian record label, is gearing up for the second edition of Soul Sundays, taking place on the 25th of February at The Shack in Lilongwe. This initiative, known as Soul Art-Reach, is dedicated to providing a stage for emerging artists in the fields of music and arts.

Platform for Emerging Talent

The much-anticipated event will feature a lineup of final winners from Soulamp Entertainment's talent callout, as announced by project manager Kananji Msaka. This platform isn't just about performances; it's an opportunity for artists to express themselves, connect with others in the industry, and receive the support they need to advance their careers.

Success and Empowerment

The inaugural Soul Sundays event was marked by an electric atmosphere, where fresh talents like Phrone99, Tiya Joan, and Mave Bakali demonstrated their capabilities to a receptive audience, with D.O. Dub as the headliner. Tiya Joan described the experience as a significant stepping stone in her artistic journey.

Scheduled Performances

The upcoming lineup promises a mix of Hip Hop and Poetry, with Ill Nate, Mzembe the Poet, and 16 Bazz set to perform, culminating with a show by The King's Rifles. Their performances are testament to the label's commitment to nurture the local music scene.

Supportive Partnerships

The event has garnered support from Kweza Arts and Story Club FM, providing quality sound equipment and media coverage, showcasing the collaborative spirit within Malawi's creative sector.

Goals and Aspirations

Launched with assistance from the COSOMA Copyright Fund, Soul Art-Reach aims to empower Malawi's young creatives by offering a public outlet for their art, while also enabling networking opportunities with industry figures. Soulamp Entertainment continues to champion the growth of up-and-coming artists, propelling them towards greater stages and audiences.

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