Marie Osmond and Daniel Emmet Headline Concert for Fire & Ice Gala at Utah Tech

Published March 11, 2024

Utah Tech University is preparing to mark the 20th anniversary of its mission to gather funds to support students in need with a celebration that includes well-known celebrity performers. This year’s highlight is a community concert where Marie Osmond and Daniel Emmet will take the stage, ensuring a night of memorable entertainment and music.

A Special Night for a Noble Cause

The Fire & Ice Gala has long stood as a crucial night to generate funding for scholarships designated to students with financial hardships. The forthcoming concert aligns with this philanthropic spirit, as all proceeds from the event will go directly into the scholarship fund. Organizers have promised that the presence of celebrities such as Marie Osmond will amplify the significance and reach of the event.

Stellar Performances Expected

As part of the entertainment for the evening, Utah Tech’s student orchestra will perform alongside the stars. The concert is scheduled to be held at the Burns Arena on Friday, March 22nd, kicking off at 7:30 p.m. Attendees can secure their tickets, which range from $72 to $150, through the specified link.

Marie Osmond's Remarkable Career

Marie Osmond brings with her a lifetime of experience in the spotlight, beginning her career at the age of three and achieving a No. 1 country hit by the age of 12. Through numerous ventures, from the ‘Donny & Marie’ show to her recent album ‘Unexpected,’ which has garnered critical acclaim, Osmond has established herself as a versatile and beloved entertainer.

The Rising Star: Daniel Emmet

Joining Osmond, Daniel Emmet offers his own brand of enchanting vocals that have captured the attention of audiences nationwide, particularly after his appearance as a finalist on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ With his first studio album and a recent holiday EP, Emmet is on a trajectory to further acclaim and success.

Two Decades of Supporting Education

The Fire & Ice Gala's commitment over the last 20 years has secured millions of dollars for scholarships, aiding countless students at Utah Tech. Although the gala dinner is fully booked, the community concert presents an opportunity for everyone to contribute to this cause and celebrate the efforts to support the dreams and ambitions of deserving students.

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