Rock ‘n’ Roll Icon Mojo Nixon Passes Away at 66

Published February 8, 2024

Mojo Nixon, known for his vivacious presence in roots rock and as a fixture on MTV during the 1980s, tragically died on Wednesday at the age of 66. His death was the result of a 'cardiac event' confirmed by a family statement on his social media. Nixon's passing occurred during the 2024 Outlaw Country Cruise, a musical event that featured Nixon as a perennial entertainer and host. His final act was with his band, The Toadliquors, mere hours before his death.

A Legacy of Music and Mirth

Alongside Skid Roper, Nixon formed a duo in San Diego and quickly became notable for their unorthodox music, including a hit titled 'Elvis is Everywhere.' Their unique blend of humor and rock resonated with fans and led Nixon to pursue a solo career eventually. Nixon's journey in the arts also saw him dive into films and a stint on MTV, bringing his unmistakable energy to every venture.

Nixon's Political Wit and Sirius XM

In a display of his characteristic humor, Mojo launched a satirical presidential bid in 1988 under the slogan 'Put another Nixon in the White House!' Nixon was also a prominent voice on Sirius XM, hosting multiple shows that showcased his dynamic personality and forthright political views.

The Man Behind the Music

Born Neill Kirby McMillan in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Nixon’s passion for roots music was kindled in his youth. He eventually moved to San Diego, where he met other musicians who influenced his career trajectory. Nixon is survived by his wife, Adaire, their two sons, a sister, a brother, and a granddaughter. Plans for a memorial service have yet to be announced.

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