Ryan Gosling Charms with Deadpan Reaction at Critics' Choice Awards

Published January 15, 2024

Ryan Gosling is recognized not only for his compelling acting but also his undeniable sense of humor. His comedic prowess was especially highlighted in his role as Ken in the movie Barbie. Gosling's character, complete with an affection for horses and a touch of naivete, became memorable particularly due to a musical scene that director Greta Gerwig insisted on including in the film. Gosling's humor has been apparent in previous roles as well, such as his performance in The Nice Guys.

Gosling's Deadpan Steals the Show

During the Critics' Choice Awards, Gosling delivered a memorable deadpan reaction when the Best Song award was announced for "I’m Just Ken," created by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt. The telecast cut to Gosling at just the right moment, capturing his nonchalant expression and delighting viewers and fans alike. The moment swiftly gained traction online, with many clips circulating across social media, attracting likes and humorous reactions.

Recognition for Performance

Amid their acceptance speech, Ronson gave Gosling credit for the success of the song, acknowledging the actor’s contribution to its popularity with a stellar performance. "Ryan Gosling, this is as much your award as ours," Ronson remarked, highlighting the actor's impact on the song's reception.

The Critics' Choice Awards had more to offer, with other stars like Paul Giamatti winning for The Holdovers, and Robert Downey Jr. entertaining the audience with a lighthearted acknowledgment of his critics while accepting an award for his role in Oppenheimer.

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