Davido Aims for American Success After Dominating the African Music Scene

Published March 23, 2024

Renowned Nigerian musician David Adeleke, better known as Davido, has made it clear that after achieving significant success in Africa, he is now setting his sights on the American music industry. With an impressive record of accomplishments in Africa, the artist is ready to take on new challenges and scale new heights internationally.

Global Collaboration Aspirations

Davido has expressed a strong desire to collaborate with artists from across the globe. His ambitions are not just limited to personal success but also involve sharing his creativity by working with, influencing, and contributing to the music of other artists. Through this, he aims to extend his impact on the global music scene.

Upcoming Projects and American Dream

In conversation with Billboard, Davido revealed his current projects, which include two albums targeting both his African audience and American listeners. His dream is to achieve the number one spot with his upcoming work, as he says, "I want to drop this album by the grace of God. Hopefully, we get to hit No. 1. I just want to share great ideas and great music with other artists, influence other artists, write and produce for other people. Just getting to the dream. I've lived the African dream, now I'm trying to get to the American dream."

Bridging African and American Music

Davido also discussed his connection with American artists, particularly in Atlanta where he has spent considerable time and owns a house. His experiences in the South have allowed him to assimilate into the American culture, and he feels a kinship with Atlanta artists. Having been in the mix with prominent figures like Young Thug and Gunna, he foresees potential collaborations that bridge his African musical roots with American sounds.

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