'Stereophonic' Set to Debut on Broadway, Showcasing 1970s Music Scene

Published January 17, 2024

The new drama 'Stereophonic,' showcasing the tumultuous journey of five musicians crafting an album in the early 70s, is about to hit Broadway. The narrative, penned by David Adjmi, reveals the intense creative dynamics, love interests, disagreements and drug-related challenges, reminiscent of the iconic band Fleetwood Mac's history. Playwright Adjmi stated his play draws from various inspirations, capturing the essence of a time when rock music was defining a generation.

Broadway Welcomes 'Stereophonic'

After an acclaimed Off Broadway run at Playwrights Horizons, 'Stereophonic' is ready to capture Broadway audiences with previews starting on April 3rd, leading up to its official opening on April 19th at the Golden Theater. The Off Broadway success, lasting 10 weeks, earned rave reviews for its authentic portrayal of the 70s rock scene and compelling story.

A Fusion of Theater and Classic Rock

The drama gets its musical heartbeat from original songs crafted by Will Butler, best known for his work with Arcade Fire. Directed by Daniel Aukin, the production's attention to detail and setting brings a high level of realism to the audience. The ensemble cast from the Off Broadway production will continue their roles on Broadway, ensuring the continuity of the performance’s energy and chemistry.

Decade of Development

Adjmi's journey with 'Stereophonic' spans a decade, from conception to stage. The vivid idea struck him while listening to Led Zeppelin on a plane, as he imagined the electrifying atmosphere of a recording studio. This led to ten years of research, script evolution, and collaboration with recording experts that paved the way for a play encapsulating the authenticity of that era's music industry.

A High-Stakes Production

With a budget of up to $4.8 million for the Broadway production, 'Stereophonic' is not just a passion project but a significant venture backed by prominent producers including Sue Wagner, John Johnson, and several established production companies. Theatergoers can look forward to an immersive experience into the rock culture of the 70s, complete with drama, music, and an evocative set.

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