Zen Lounge Pays Tribute to Black History Month with Vendors Market Event

Published February 11, 2024

This past weekend, the Zen Lounge was bustling with activity as it played host to a vibrant Vendors Market in the city's west end. The market featured a wide range of products, attracting shoppers from all around. Offerings included local crafts, food, and other handmade items, providing a platform for local artisans and entrepreneurs to showcase their wares.

Celebrating Culture and Community

In line with the lounge's aim to foster community spirit, a spokesperson for the Zen Lounge shared that the motive behind organizing a second popup event was multi-fold. The market sought to honor Black History Month, recognize the legendary musician Bob Marley's contributions, and cultivate love and harmony within the local community. The overall goal was to establish a positive environment in the west end and show support for the island's hardworking vendors, all the while preserving and celebrating arts and culture.

A Gathering of Harmony and Support

The spokesperson highlighted the importance of the event as a conduit for creating new positive energies. By opening doors to people across the island, the market not only served as a shopping destination but also as a communal space to support local businesses. The Zen Lounge's emphasis lay on uplifting the community's morale and preserving cultural heritage through such vibrant events.

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