Renowned Music Producer Frank Farian Passes Away at 82

Published January 23, 2024

Frank Farian, renowned for his stellar contributions to the music industry as the mastermind behind groups like Boney M. and Milli Vanilli, has left a legacy of unforgettable hits with his passing at the age of 82.

Farian passed away peacefully in his Miami home, his family confirmed on Tuesday. The creator of chart-topping tracks like 'Blame It On The Rain' and 'Girl You Know It’s True,' Farian had faced health challenges over recent years. His exact cause of death has not been specified.

A Life of Musical Innovation

The German singer and producer began making waves in the music scene with the disco sensation Boney M., which he founded in 1976. With Farian at the helm, the group released iconic songs such as 'Daddy Cool,' 'Rasputin,' and 'Mary’s Boy Child.' He didn't just limit his skills to his own bands; Farian worked alongside industry giants like Stevie Wonder and Meatloaf and is credited with selling over 800 million records worldwide.

Braving through Health Woes

Last year, Farian underwent a heart valve replacement surgery, a procedure that extended his life, as he shared with fans about his 'pig heart valve' implant. Despite the success of the surgery, his health declined, and he faced weight loss and mobility issues that required the use of a wheelchair.

Yet, Farian never let his passion for music wane. Ingrid Segieth, Farian’s former partner, recounted how even in a weakened physical state, he remained committed to creating music. 'Frank was physically very weak, but was still full of energy,' she explained. 'He was still sitting in the recording studio all day, working on new music.'

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