Hardin Methodist Lights Up With Gospel Singing Event

Published February 9, 2024

On a recent Saturday evening, the Hardin Methodist Church became a beacon of joy as the community gathered for a special gospel singing event. The enthusiastic crowd was treated to a display of talent and devotion as both young and seasoned performers took to the stage, creating a memorable night of worship and song.

Youthful Voices Lead the Praise

The event kicked off with a heartwarming performance by the children of Hardin Methodist Church, who confidently shared their vocal gifts. Participants included a range of young talent, specifically Andrew Cook, Connor Cook, Scarlet Yarbrough, Amelia Fielder, Travis Brand, and Tessa Brand. Their earnest singing set a vibrant tone for the evening's festivities.

Local Musicians Share Traditional Sounds

Following the children's lead, The Breezy Boys band took the stage. The ensemble, comprised of Mark Sjolander, Eddie Bird, Liberty County Judge Jay Knight, Jeff Nations, and Neal Thornton, lent their music prowess by playing old-fashioned gospel tunes that resonated with the audience. Their performance underscored the rich musical heritage of gospel music and its power to unite communities in spirit and song.

The rest of the evening saw various musicians from across Liberty County, representing diverse denominations, come together in a spirit of fellowship. With each hymn and chorus, they reinforced the sense of community and shared faith that Hardin Methodist Church prides itself on.

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