Seven Engaging Reads to Unwind With This Holiday Season

Published December 3, 2023

As the holiday season rolls in, it's not just about ticking off tasks from your to-do list—it's also a perfect time to relax and engage with some captivating stories. Discover new perspectives and cultural insights with a curated selection of seven thought-provoking pieces.

A Collection for Sunday Downtime

Whether you prefer reading or listening, our editor's picks offer something for everyone. These narratives range from deep personal tales to insightful analyses of current events and cultural phenomena.

Diverse Topics to Explore

Delve into the complexities of being the eldest daughter in a modern world, juxtaposed against societal expectations. Contemplate the notion that life, in many ways, could actually be more fulfilling without the internet. Consider the never-ending debate on the ideal time to invest in a home. Listen to fresh insights about the troubling evolution of political discourse, and reflect on personal stories where politics deeply intersect with personal grief. Dive into a critical look at what made America shift from an economic model that led to its growth. Also, take a moment to understand the constant contradictions in the hipster culture through the lens of Frank Zappa's satirical music.

Cultural Recommendations

For culture seekers, there's a recommendation for books that unravel the intricacies of classical music and its great composers. In the film space, the intriguing Netflix movie 'May December' is presented as a beautifully deceptive narrative on the subject of liars.

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