Billy Strings Composes Song for Fan Sought by Police Over Taylor Swift Poster Theft

Published January 15, 2024

Bluegrass artist Billy Strings has composed a humorous song recounting the tale of a fan who is on the Tulsa police's wanted list for making off with a Taylor Swift poster. The quirky twist? The suspect was donning a Billy Strings hat when committing the act, as seen in the security camera footage.

On a recent Friday, the Tulsa Police appealed to the public for assistance in tracking down this poster pilferer. The individual evidently had an extreme way of collecting memorabilia related to their favorite star, which involved the theft of the Swift poster.

Caught in action by a surveillance camera, the man was recorded exiting the AMC cinema with a large 6x4 poster of Taylor Swift previously housed in a glass frame. His act resulted in significant damage, causing thousands of dollars worth of loss for just a poster frame.

Billy Strings responded to the incident in a unique way. Through social media, he released a song with lines that humorously describe the event. The song goes: "Down in Tulsa, Oklahoma there's a movie theatre there / They play lots of movies from Step Brothers to Con Air / And they've been playing concerts that old Taylor Swift had done / And some old boy walked in and ripped a poster down from one".

In a live Instagram performance of the song, Strings advised fans against such actions, emphasizing that stealing, especially involving celebrities, is inappropriate, all while lightly referencing an interference with his movie-watching experience.

Billy Strings is recognized for his musical talents, winning the Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album for 'Home' in 2021. He followed that success with another album, 'Renewal', released later the same year.

In separate news relating to Taylor Swift, football icon Tony Dungy has voiced his opinion on her frequent game appearances, and the Pentagon has officially dismissed speculations that Swift is a covert government political agent, as claimed by a Fox News anchor. Furthermore, a notable statistic has surfaced, revealing that one in 78 songs streamed in the US last year was a track by Taylor Swift.

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