US Navy Band Musician Receives Prestigious Award

Published May 21, 2024

On a significant day for the U.S. Navy Band, Captain Kenneth C. Collins took the stage to honor a diligent and talented member of the ensemble. The All Hands Awards Presentation, a momentous event for the naval musical community, was held in Washington, DC, on May 7th, 2024. Musician First Class (MU1) Patrick McAvinue from Hereford, MD, was proudly recognized for his outstanding contributions to the band.

Recognition of Excellence

This gathering brought together the members of the US Navy Band to celebrate and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of their peers. Captain Collins awarded MU1 Patrick McAvinue with an accolade that highlights his commitment to musical excellence and his significant achievements within the band. The award is a testament to McAvinue's high level of skill and professionalism.

Event Details

The ceremony for the US Navy Band All Hands Awards took place against the backdrop of the nation's capital, marking another chapter in the storied tradition of the military's musical ambassadors. The event's photo ID is 8419092, VIRIN is 240705-N-AB123-1024, and the high-resolution image is available reflecting the momentous occasion. The location, date taken, and date posted are detailed, ensuring a clear archival record of this distinguished event.

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